• This project was a collaboration between the TELUS Creative Design team and MET Fine Printers.

    The objective was to create a commemorative coin to recognize key performers of the TELUS team globally.

    The solution was intended to be a timeless keepsake that is not only environmentally friendly, but also an item that people would want to display and be proud of.

  • MET decided to integrate the coin into a custom designed acrylic printed piece.

    Ultimately, the coin would be a floating display and would be presented in a custom box carrier.

    Perfectly designed to display the award in a flush clean environment.

  • TELUS was extremely excited about the end result, which they felt was “timeless and would last for generations”

  • The title-holders also indicated that they were proud to display their awards.

    The CEO, who was directly responsible for the project, was extremely happy with and proud of the outcome.

  • We are now in the second year of production of this annual award for TELUS and they will continue issuing the award for many years to come.