COVID 19 Plan


As mandated by WorkSafeBC and OHS, Metropolitan Fine Printers’ Joint Health & Safety Committee has created and implemented a rigorous safety plan to ensure a safe workplace as well as the health and safety of our workers and visitors.


1. We have involved frontline workers, supervisors and the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) in our plans and initiatives regarding COVID-19 prevention.
2. We follow the industry-specific protocols for manufacturing & construction that are posted on the WorkSafeBC and OHS website.
3. We have identified areas where people gather, such as break rooms, production lines, and meeting rooms, and have created floor markers to indicate safe social distancing. We have also created regimented plans for sanitizing our facilities every few hours, or each time a surface has been touched or used by someone.
4. We have posted signage at the main entrance that indicates who is restricted from entering the premises, including visitors and workers with COVID-19 symptoms.
5. We have identified those job tasks and processes where our workers are close to one another and/or to members of the public, and have modified the placement of their workstations and their work shifts accordingly.
6. We have identified the tools, machinery and equipment that our workers share while working, and have ensured that these items are used with gloves or sanitized after each use.
7. Workers who were originally seated close to any main entrances have been moved to the back of the building to promote safe physical distancing, and to reduce exposure to visitors.
8. We have policies and procedures to limit the number of people at our workplace at any given time. Each room has a sign indicating the maximum occupancy allowed. When the amount is reached, any additional employees that would exceed this number will not be permitted to enter.
9. We have a schedule in place to allow a lesser amount of employees on site at any given time.
10. In order to reduce the number of people at the worksite, we have considered work-from-home arrangements, virtual meetings, and limiting the number of customers and visitors at the workplace at any given time.
11. We have a training plan in place to ensure that everyone is trained and aware of all COVID-related workplace policies and procedures. Employees are continuously informed about all changes and updates via virtual meetings and email updates as well as health and safety bulletins posted on whiteboards and our internal communications platform.
12. Department heads have received training on monitoring workers and the workplace to ensure COVID-19 policies and procedures are being followed.
13. We have a training plan for staff taking on new roles and responsibilities.
14. We have a training plan around changes to our business, such as new equipment and machinery that is out of use.
15. We have identified a safe process for clearing systems and product lines that are out of use.
16. We have a training plan in place for new staff.

Health & Safety

17. We have a work-from-home policy in place.
18. We have identified rules and guidelines for how workers should conduct themselves. Each employee is aware of the sanitization efforts they must partake in, maintenance of 6 ft distance between one another, max occupancy of people per room, and only walking within paths that are outlined with colored tape. We have clearly communicated these rules and guidelines to workers through a combination of training, signage, and floor decals.
19. We have a plan in place to monitor all health and safety risks. We adjust our policies and procedures as necessary.
20. We have reviewed the information on the selection and use of masks, as well as the instructions on how to use a mask.

21. We understand the limitations of masks in protecting the wearer from respiratory droplets. We understand that masks should only be considered when other control measures cannot be implemented.
22. We have trained our workers on the proper use of masks, and have used an instructional video to support this training.
23. We have hand sanitizer available at every entry point to MET’s facilities.
24. Employees and guests must sanitize their hands upon arrival and when leaving.
25. We have policies that specify that our workers must wash their hands regularly, and have provided our workers with information about good hygiene practices.
26. Our workplace has an adequate number of hand-washing facilities on site for all our workers. Hand-washing locations are visible and easily accessed.
27. All workers have received and been briefed about the policies for staying home when sick.
28. We have a policy in place for workers who start to feel ill at work. Workers are aware of what to do and who to inform in the event that this happens.
29. We have a strict policy in place for anyone who has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days; for anyone who has been on an airplane in the last 14 days; and for anyone who has been exposed to someone who may have or had COVID-19. Those who have experienced any of the above will not be permitted on any MET premises for at least 14 days and/or until they are clear of symptoms.
30. Workers know to address members of the JHSC, their department heads, and the HR department regarding any health and safety concerns.
31. We have ensured that our workers have received training about the risk of violence that may arise as members of the public adapt to restrictions or modifications in the workplace, and that they have strategies to address any such occurrences. A violence prevention program is also in place.
32. We will involve the JHSC when resolving all health and safety issues.
33. We have provided all First Aid attendants with the list of OFAA protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning & Disinfection

34. We have reviewed the information on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
35. We have implemented cleaning protocols for all common areas and surfaces. These include the frequency and timing for when these spaces and surfaces must be cleaned.
36. Workers who have cleaning duties have received proper and adequate COVID-19 training and materials. Representatives from each department are responsible for cleaning specific areas, with duties rotating on a weekly basis.

Visitor Protocols

37. We have a visitor checklist that each visitor to a MET facility must complete before entering. If a visitor answers ‘yes’ to any of the given questions, they will not be permitted on site and must reschedule their visit for another day.
38. We have a contractor checklist that each contractor must complete before starting work at any MET facility. If a contractor answers ‘yes’ to any of the given questions, they will not be permitted on site and must re-schedule their visit for another day.
39. We have a visitor check-in book that each visitor must sign upon arrival and departure, including the day and time of their visit and their contact information. This is to ensure that MET has the requisite information in the event there is a COVID-19 outbreak on site.

Delivery & Shipment Protocols

40. We have a designated delivery area in our shipping department. The delivery person is not permitted to step beyond this space and must leave any shipment in the area indicated.
41. Those who are handling any shipment received must wear and a mask and gloves, and must sanitize the shipment with disinfectant before it is opened.