In today’s world, upholding best environmental practices is the standard for leading organizations. At MET, it’s important to us, and it’s important to our clients.

We incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our business. For starters, we employ 100% VOC-free MET UV inks, recycle and down-cycle just about everything through our zero waste program, and champion green technology. We also work closely with climate change experts Climate Smart to maintain our carbon-neutral status, and advocate strongly for responsible forest management and the use of ethically sourced papers.

And although we print every colour under the sun and then some, we are always on the lookout for new shades of green.


When it comes to printing, we see everything through green-coloured glasses.

Our energy-efficient LED-UV and UV presses are among the most advanced on the market. Thanks to their astounding capabilities, we can run numerous colours, finishes and other processes in one pass, saving significant energy and materials, such as ink and paper. Their eco-friendly design also eliminates typical VOC output solutions. Our in-house custom ink-mixing machine further reduces ink requirements, decreasing waste and frequent couriers to and from our ink manufacturers.

We also contribute to green innovation by working with businesses across industries to develop sustainable products and processes. In collaboration with Enviro Image Solutions (EIS), we helped pioneer a proprietary technology that significantly extends the life of offset printing blankets, enabling commercial printers to reuse their blankets multiple times without compromising print quality. In addition to clients realizing significant cost savings, each time a blanket is renewed, the carbon emissions and raw materials required to manufacture a new blanket are eliminated. Printing blankets beyond repair are recycled or upcycled, preventing thousands of pounds of waste from ending up in landfills every year.


As part of our commitment to forest conservation, MET is proud to work with Canopy, an international non-profit environmental organization. Through its various programs, Canopy encourages governments and the forestry industry’s customers and suppliers to support the protection of the world’s ancient, endangered forests.

MET is mindful of the impact of our product sourcing decisions, and how they can affect endangered species, high conservation value forests, communities, and microclimates. In collaboration with Canopy, we have developed policies to carefully assess our fibre sourcing practices to ensure we avoid forest hot spots, while continuing to offer customers ethically sourced products.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) stamp of approval on our products recognizes our contribution to responsible forestry management, and it’s a label we wear with pride. FSC®’s chain-of-custody certification tracks the development of wood-harvested products as they make their way along the supply chain, from the forest floor to market, ensuring they are made with materials from ethically managed forests and/or recycled sources.

MET encourages all of our clients to use FSC® certified or other responsibly sourced base papers whenever possible.

Second Harvest

As part of our commitment to help conserve the world’s ancient and endangered forest ecosystems, we support the commercial scale development of pulp, paper and packaging alternatives derived from agricultural residues, such as wheat straw. These environmentally friendly options help us meet our ongoing need for high quality, sustainable fibre-based materials.

Green Giants

Call us a green team. MET’s employees are fierce supporters of our environmental policies, and play a big part in our commitment to create and maintain a zero waste, carbon neutral operation. Department by department, these environmental stewards regularly initiate projects that improve our sustainability bottom line. They’ve also been the driving force behind some of our most successful green inventions, such as the EIS process that renews printing blankets.


At MET, no item is too large or too small to be reduced, reused or recycled.

We recycle everything, from organic waste, paper and hard plastics, to leftover ink, print blankets and electronics. We also have reduced the number of physical proofs required for press approvals, and use paperless systems whenever we can. It’s an evolving improvement process, and we continue to work closely with our vendors, suppliers, customers and employees to enforce best practices. Our zero waste track record is now close to 100 percent.

MET has eliminated VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from our manufacturing process.

We were proud to be the first printer in the Pacific Northwest to work with UV inks and their associated technologies, which eliminate VOCs from the ink drying process.

Thanks to our mitigation strategy to reduce carbon emissions, we have been a proud carbon neutral operation since 2010. We faithfully track our carbon output, energy consumption and transportation usage, which are inventoried annually by representatives of the Cheakamus Community Forest Society and vetted by certified third parties.

MET is a Climate Smart™ certified business and proud member of FortisBC’s Renewable Natural Gas Program.