New Media

Our new media services are the link between print and the internet. When it comes to embracing the latest technology, we’ve always dared to push the envelope. Today’s new media platforms are no exception, stretching our creative possibilities in exciting new directions. From 3D digital renderings and custom apps to interactive immersive environments, our augmented reality and virtual reality platforms can expand your marketing tool kit in previously unimagined and powerful ways.


Simply put, augmented reality (AR) technology enhances someone’s experience of a print image by adding a layer of digital elements on top of it. But it does so much more. It also enables customers to interact with, and discover your product on multiple levels by linking to more detailed content. Whether it’s a custom app, a 3D rendering for a real estate project, or a deeper dive into a retail store’s offerings, MET can create a custom AR experience for different smart devices that elevates how people interact with your brand.


Virtual reality (VR) communication goes one step further and changes how people interact with your brand – in the best possible way. Through the creation of a virtually simulated environment, your customers can walk around a condo showroom, learn how to assemble a product, get lost in space, or be transported anywhere—without leaving their physical setting.

Our in-house VR specialists can help you create the physical, visual and emotional landscape you imagine. We provide the hardware and develop the custom content; you provide the big idea. Our VR experiences can be designed for Oculus technology, smart devices and special VR apps.