Product Development

At MET we put a team of qualified people on each project who aim to define, develop, and in partnership create the best solution for your goals.

The industrial development process is vital in terms of product quality, with a strong focus on industrial engineering, and for integrating product design and production processes, to achieve the ultimate results.

Stage 1

Project Conceptualization

Using the most advanced 3D rendering techniques, which sometimes start as a sketch on a paper napkin, we collaborate with our client, by asking the important questions up front. Our team of experienced product engineers works very closely with our account team and our clients in the initial stage.

Stage 2

Project Definition

With our client and their specifications and requirements, during this stage all relevant aspects related to the product are determined in order to carry out everything from provisioning to manufacturing while complying with established requirements:

• Product structure definition.

• Selection of materials and production process.

• Alternative design proposals, aimed at optimising quality and cost (Design for Manufacturability).

Stage 3

Manufacturing Process Definition

Using advanced quality methods, the process is defined with the aim of optimising cost and ensuring product quality. Some of the methodologies applied:

• Process lay-out.

• Raw material control plan.

• Production process control plan.

• Production process documents with process parameters.

Stage 4


We take great care when manufacturing the final prototype ensuring that all means of production and processes are set up so the production process is standardised, repetitive and robust for when we initiate go. Our clients sign off an actual prototype of the final product prior to production.

Stage 5


The production process is only approved when quality objectives are achieved.

We evaluate and monitor the manufacturing process to ensure its optimisation and to obtain the intended quality results.

Stage 6

Product Completion

Here we arrive at the completed project, ready for our clients needs and goals. Whether a cosmetic package for a new product launch, a video box with marketing information, to a custom tailor made award recognition program for your team or clients. We look forward to be a part of your journey with our Product Development Team.